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Superb driver comfort


From the driveline to the suspension, from the cab interior to the seats and bunks, we’ve seized every opportunity to give drivers superb driver comfort. The result is the smoothest ride on the market combined with the best environment for driving, relaxing and sleeping. The New Generation DAF starts a new era in driver comfort.

Digital display

The central display can be personalized to the driver’s requirements


Configurable to personal preferences 

Eye-catcher on the dashboard is the 12” fully digital display which shows all vehicle-related information at a glance. The driver can easily select for a modern of classic design as well as for the level of information presented, using the rotation thumb wheel on the steering wheel. The central display is configurable for each and every driver to personal preferences and taste, giving all room for personalization.

The optional additional 10-inch display is located to the right of the steering wheel and offers phone mirroring, infotainment, navigation and more. The DAF Infotainment System is available in three different variants: Standard, Luxury and Exclusive, which provide increasing levels of digital radio, streaming services, navigation, camera views, DAF Connect and third-party apps. The ability to configure the DAF Infotainment System according to personal preferences helps create the perfect environment for the driver.


Outstanding driveability

Thanks to high torque at low revs, the PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 engines deliver superb driveability. In addition, the latest generation of TraXon automated gearboxes makes manoeuvring much easier.

Smoother than ever

The increased cab length takes advantage of a new front chassis design with high torsional stiffness and low weight, contributing to exceptional driver comfort. This is also supported by the new cab suspension with a new damper design, as well by a rear axle suspension with a new geometry. The New Generation DAF trucks offer superior ride and handling.

Quiet, very quiet

Significantly contributing to the unique comfort of the New Generation trucks are the extremely low levels of interior noise, vibrations and harshness. Also in this area the XF, XG and XG+ set a new industry standard.

Ron Borsboom

“We know what drivers want when it comes to driveability, comfort and interior styling. So, with the New Generation DAF line-up we set out to exceed their expectations. “During the first test drive, we could already feel we were creating something great. These trucks offer the best driving on the road.”

Ron Borsboom
Executive Director DAF Product Development